App Modernization

Modernize your Business by Modernizing your Apps

App Modernization is the process of updating a legacy application so that it can take advantage of modern technologies such as cloud computing while still providing the required business value. Many organizations have legacy systems that run the day-to-day operations of their business and these applications are not optimized to provide benefits such as high availability or resiliency. When these applications were designed and built they were leading edge, but we had no idea the cloud was coming nor the impact it would have on the way we manage IT operations today. Many consulting companies use the term “lift and shift” to describe this process. We know it is slightly more complicated than that. From networking, storage, and identity concerns we know how to modernize apps and make them cloud ready.

Benefits of App Modernization

  • Accelerate time to market while reducing costs
  • Succeed Fast – With Speed of deployment, Speed of operation, Speed of scalability
  • Drive Innovation and market differentiation
  • Retire Legacy Infrastructure and on Premises Constraints
  • Take advantage of Cloud Economics

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